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Original Watercolor size: 28 ½” X 14 ½”
Painted by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copyright 2009

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Cast on the Other Side. Many times we toil endlessly over much, good things too, when Jesus is wanting to tell us to cast on the other side. You know that seemingly impossible area that is without a drought beyond me.

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I have done this time and time again with many seemingly good endeavors, to me, yes even through the church and in my own personal life. God does have the final say and He is the author of who we are. He has given us a plan and destiny beyond or comprehension. Now the question is whether or not we are willing to trust Him, the creator of the universe. We see in the natural, the wind and the rain upon our face, yet what about those dreams, the words spoken over our lives. People do say things that are God directed and we know that is for me. God says to trust Him and to reach out for the unreachable in our own minds. It is just letting go of the things that seem secure and saying yes Lord. This is where we see the WOW factor because we know that what happened was totally impossible in the natural and to know that we were a part of the impossible even makes it more. God is so real, so exciting and He uses people like you and even me!

You should have seen that lunker, fish, I caught and yes it was on the other side.

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