Wild Flowers


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Original Watercolor size: 14” X 28”
Painted by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copyright 2004

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Open fields, wetlands, and woodlands hold vastly different types of wildflowers. The wildflowers abound from early spring well into late fall with some even into winter, ensiled under the snow. The flowers give delight the eye and the smells are so varied, from delicate to overpowering.

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Wild flowers of every color of the rainbow are reaching toward the sun, drinking in the rays of God’s light. Receiving life light and giving back a visual joy, to say nothing about the food to any fly-bys. Flowers are giving pollen to every bee making honey; oh how sweet to the taste.

One of the beauties of wildflowers is that it lends itself well to watercolor painting. Wildflowers they grow so fast, as with watercolor paint it is applied as pure color on the white rag paper. It is a spontaneous happening as is the growth of flowers. Yet, a watercolor painting can last into eternity with proper care. It seems that wildflowers can be there one day, just green, and the next day it has totally changed into a rainbow of color. Then in another week and the scene has changed again into varied shades of green.

God sees us like unto the beauty of His wildflowers waving gently in the breath of God. God’s word refers us to as the lilies of the field, here today and gone tomorrow. We need to make every effort to obedience to the directions from the Lord. Hearing that still small voice, in His word and moving to feed those He puts in our path.

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