Five Stones



The painting “Five Stones” is depicting the beginning of David’s life. A boy destined to be king.David starts his life as a young shepherd boy. Determined to not let an enemy, Goliath, taunt the tribe of Israel, God’s chosen people. David had experienced God’s hand in delivering him from the bear and lion. He knew that this giant of a man was no different.

At this point in his life, his brothers didn’t believe or trust in him and told him to return to his sheep. David wasn’t used to the weapons of battle, spear, sword, and bow, but he knew how to use his sling. David went down to the brook and chose 5 smooth stones to slay Goliath. He used only one of the five stones, this stone was directed by God to slay the giant who was tormenting God’s chosen people.

David had mighty men of valor who stood by his side. These faithful men would prove  their strength and love for their future king time and time again. Yet David later in his kingship, David still suffered the effects of age.

You see the four stones, one yellow, one black, one white and one red. The missing stone is the spirit of God. These stones represent the four nationalities: Asian, Black, Caucasian and Indian, all part of the called body.

This painting is a call to the Christian. It is a call to battle. Take up your spiritual stone, and destroy the enemy that would destroy you. We are all chosen of God to bring glory to Him, to slay the giants in our lives, and do battle with the body of Christ. When we take a stand for Jesus, God honors His word. He will not allow His children to be destroyed.

It is said, David was a depiction of the Christ yet to come, a warrior, defender of the people, and deliverer of God’s chosen. We are called to join this fight.   

Scripture References:
1 Samuel 17:40, 49 – 50
2 Samuel 21:15 – 22

God Bless,
Artist, Thomas S. Chapman

Watercolor: Size 28 ½” X 20 ½”
by: Thomas S. Chapman
© CopyRight 2008