Thomas S. Chapman

This all started when we Patsy (my wife) and I came into Gods country (Northern Minnesota) back in 1975. That first year Pat and I lived a life of enjoying the area around Eagles Nest lakes and Ely MN, camping in a teepee, canoeing, painting and Pat wrote. Later I started teaching drawing and watercolor painting classes in Cook and area towns. Lois Raps was one of my students in those early workshops. Then in 2007, at the age of 91 she asked me to help her with her painting. As I was helping her paint one day she said “Tom, you aren’t painting and if this is going to continue you are going to have to paint as well”. This really took me back as I hadn’t painted in some 25 years, this was really scary. I did start painting and to my joy and surprise God restored the gift he gave me as a youth. It is with gratitude that I thank Lois Raps for pushing me back into my love for the expression of worship and glorifying God in painting.

I pray you have been blessed by what the Lord has allowed me to do. I would like to hear from you, a testimony of what God is doing in your life or what kind of art your doing. If your interested in buying a Giclee Print of any size I’ll be glad to see what can be done.

God Bless,

Thomas S. Chapman
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Angora, MN 55703

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