Daisies is one of the few paintings that just came together so easy in a whirlwind of energy. It expresses the life of the daisy, here today and gone tomorrow, yet is so lovely to look at. They are so abundant in the fields, a great pleasure to run through and lay down to enjoy the fresh air of summer. Daisies spring up in the most unexpected places giving their beauty among the rocks and trees. It gives one the thought that someone had been there before, but only God brought forth the wild flowers of the field and glen. You really need to take the time to experience the many wonders, large and small, bright arrays of color soft and harsh a contrast that only God can do. Just think, and it is all free, to those who dare to step out into God’s world.

This painting was done 36 years ago, at the Range Art Center in Hibbing Minnesota, as a demonstration which took roughly 30+ minutes. This was a time when I was painting regularly and trying to make a living at it. I didn’t quite make it as I had to take a regular job, 8 to 5. It wasn’t until 25 years later that I was to return to my first love.

Consider the daisies and other wild flowers of the field, how they grow; they don’t work, they are just there, for you. That all the riches of the world in all their beauty and glory, was not as radiant as one of these. God has created all these plants in the fields, which today can be seen, and tomorrow they become withered by the heat of the sun, He shall bless you because He has a love feast for you. His very nature is love, far more than we can understand. Did you know that He created us before the worlds were even here?

Scripture reference:
Matthew 6:23

Artist: Thomas S. Chapman
Watercolor: Size 21″ X 14″
© Copyright 7/1980