Three nails are all that remain of that moment on Skull Hill over two thousand years ago. It was on that mound of limestone outside the city of Jerusalem that Christ set us free. Jesus was received up into Glory and comes to us as a light shining into our darkness. We too can lay aside the pleasures of this world and experience true life, freedom, and a light-filled life with Jesus as Lord.

My wife, Pat, and I had an opportunity to visit my sister in Phoenix, Arizona. We took a few days  to see the Grand Canyon. To our surprise, the canyon has the same limestone as is outside Jerusalem where Christ was crucified. The rock ledge that is in the foreground of the painting and the hills in the background are a study to from the Grand Canyon.
The setting sun gave a majestic glow to the rocks as we stood in awe of the moment. I have pondered this moment long since that day, the limestone and the setting sun. I started doing a little research on the internet and found the crucifixion nails that were used by the Roman soldiers around Jesus’ lifetime. I put all these elements together, and came up with the painting “Freedom”.

This moment, as was the crucifixion of Jesus, was a planned moment. Jesus died for us while we were are sinners so that we can live eternally. We can be free,even now. Free from  the chains of sin, torment, and sickness when we accept Him as Lord and savior. Confessing Him as the new Lord of our lives, turning our lives from sin and the powers of darkness and reading His word for guidance. Just as Jesus was raised from death, we, in a like manner, are lifted from the darkness of sin into the light of Jesus. Accept His forgiveness, and live a new life focused on the love of God.

A most interesting occurrence happened and to this painting. I don’t know how or when, but a drop of blood appeared just under one of the Roman nails. It has proved to make this painting extraordinarily  special.

Scripture References:
Matthew 13:44-46
Romans 5:6-11

God Bless,
Artist: Thomas S. Chapman
Watercolor: Size 13 ¾” x 20 ¾”
© Copyright  3/2009