There are seasons in our life that affect and bring about change. In this painting “Geese” we see the approaching of fall.  The heat of summer has now changed into cool evenings; trees have taken on their most colorful shades of, yellow, red, and browns. Everything sense that a time of preparation is upon us as soon it will turn cold, a time to stay inside by a crackling fire.

However, the Canadian Geese, have long since mated, raised a brood of goslings and now are gathering for travel to warmer climates. They know that the open waters will soon be turned into frozen sheets of ice, not allowing them to feed on the water’s bottom.

In the same manner, we need to be aware that life has its changes, We need to be prepared for the years ahead will be not the same as before. God knows that we are fragile subject to so many issues, sensitive live, sounds, touch, hot and cold. We every moment of our day is a continual condition of change, some we have control over and there are those moments that we can’t or don’t even want to be a part of. It’s those moments that really bring us to see that we need support from another, who is wiser, kinder, can bring about change for the better. Mortals are limited in their relationship with where they are, conditioned by surroundings and those they let into their life.

God, the one who made us, whether we want to acknowledge that or not, knows our future, yet allows us to choose out direction. He has plans and a purpose for you, for good, however, we can accept His way or chose our own.

Is God moving on you to move you into a different phase of life?

Artist, Thomas S. Chapman
Watercolor size, 281/2″ x 15″
© Copyright 10/84