Light & Glory


Before anything was, God was, He brooded over the dark depths of nothingness, He had a master plan, He spoke into what wasn’t and life began, “Light be” two of the most powerful, profound words ever uttered. Out of those words, life began in the face of what was nothing and is now called earth.

His light pierced the darkness and permeated everything, the waters and the rocks had to respond to the spoken word, resounding the Glory of God. This was the first act of the Lord, His presence on the earth and He saw that it was good. Light is the Omnipresence of the Lord always dispelling darkness. God created two lights, the sun ruler of the day and the moon for the night, making the first day. Light became the primary source of creation, without light there is no life, as God is life and light.

The visual substance of light is a composite of color seen in the spectrum, 6 colors, 3 primary – red, yellow and blue, and 3 secondary colors – green, purple and orange the equal blending of the primary colors. These colors are also seen in the rainbow, the promise of God to man, after he purged the earth of wickedness.

God continues to bring light into the darkness of the world to show us His Glory. In an instant we can be changed from nothing, walking dead, into a vessel fitness of and for his manifest Glory. God is good giving us the option to choose to be a light bearer on the face of His earth, yet many have chosen to go through life not understanding the goodness of a life with God.

Scripture references:
Genesis 1:1-5

Artist, Thomas S Chapman
Watercolor size: 281/2” x 201/2”
© CopyRight, 6/2013