It is said that the Bible is life even though it was written over 2,000 years ago by God through the hands mankind. Even today God speaks to us showing us how to communicate His message through His Gifts. Some see visions through the Word, they write about it, sing praises and paint the word, inspired to share for future generations.


We are encased in a world that was created by the spoken word of God. We see, experience and taste how extraordinarily good He fashioned this land we live in. God gave light, a light for day and for the night, each has a purpose. Without light there would be nothing as light is the giving force for life and color. Color that changes with each passing moment and season. From the land, rocks, sand and waters teeming with life of every kind imaginable, colors yet to be discovered.



Flowers are a reminder of the fragile balance in life, depending upon the right conditions for their existence and God has given us eye’s to see the wonders of His creation. This world is full of life colors that remind me of the fullness of God. Ever changing shapes and hues with the time of day and seasons. Their life short, yet memorable as we capture them through the eyes we’ve been given. We can share our experience with and through many venues to all ages.

Coloring for the eye, food for the bee


Nature abounds with the mysteries of our heavenly Father. It is a wonder that as part of His creation, we have been given authority over God’s kingdom. The earth is teeming with the vastness of His creation, each dependent upon another all in perfect balance.  Ever changing never the same, a day is as a thousand years. Through time we see the affects of our judgments. It is His good pleasure to give us the ability to enjoy and witness this evolution.

Note Cards

Not ready to purchase a large print? I have created 3 gorgeous collections of cards available as sets. A collection of 12 greeting cards of my most prized Watercolor Paintings. I have put them into three groups: Biblical, Floral, and Landscape. Click one of the collections below for pricing and purchase!

ORDERING: Preboxed as above or You can mix-n-match any of our 12 cards, boxes of 4 or 8 cards

3-cd-D (Daises) & 1-cd-wf (Wild Flowers) = box of 4
3-cd-r (Rose), 2-cd-ct (Crown of Thorns), 1-cd-5s (5 Stones), & 2-cd-rr (River Rock) for a box of 8 cards.
At the same price of our regular boxes.
Card size: 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″

I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I have had in bringing them to you.