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Giclee Prints = Archival Ink + Archival Paper

Giclee prints can be on paper, canvas or in theory any other material. However, the term implies archival permanence, which 100% rag papers provide. Add archival ink to archival material and you have a work of art that can last hundreds of years. The correct museum term for a Giclee is “archival pigment print” or “digital pigment print.”

One Print or Many—Your Choice

The printing process is slow and the inks are very expensive, it is doubtful that large edition sizes would exceed not more than a couple of hundred. More typically an edition would be about one hundred or less. Even a so-called “open edition” of Giclee prints may exist in only a handful of copies.

Giclee Are Fine Prints

Giclee prints are really more like hand-printed fine art printmaking. They are very permanent, have beautiful tones and colors, are normally done in modest quantities and require a degree of skill to produce well. Best of all our prints look virtually indistinguishable from the original.


Our top line prints are Giclee from Husom & Rose.

GICLEE Prints on Museo Archival Paper 





heavyweight acid free paper at 50% less the cost of Archival Museo papers

ART POSTERS another Option at great savings


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