Break Through


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Original Watercolor size: 16” X 22”
Painted by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copyright 2020

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“Break Through” 5/20


Break Through is all about the Fire of God and Pentecost, His Holy Spirit, breaking through the Church individually and the corporate Church worldwide.

The painting “Break Through” In July of 2019 I was painting during the Church service at Oasis International Church. While I was painting the Lord gave me another the vision of walls or barriers being broken through and falling down. It wasn’t until May of 2020 that I started painting the vision later called “Break Through”.

I saw that there were white walls covering up sin and divisions that the Lords is going to bring down. I painted a white wall with blocks, sections, as I saw many different types of blockages of separation all being consumed by His fire, the spirit of the Lord. The white, red, orange and yellow representing the Fire of God, His Holy Spirit breaking through and bringing the walls down. Not only down but into the depths of the sea. The sea waters are a boiling fire consuming the walls to be drowned into eternity while as in baptism we are being cleansed and risen up into a vessel fit for service in the Lords army. You see segments and blocks of the white wall being broken and cast into the waters. Fire is gushing through the wall into the inner darkness, sin, to be changed rearranged into His Glory. There is Fire above the wall carrying the renewed wall into higher levels of Glory and service.

The painting “Break Through” is all about God’s restoration, the infilling of His Glory and being SENT OUT!

Added thoughts;

Walls are covering up areas in the lives of God’s people His Church. These walls that are separating the work of the Holy Spirit from what needs to happen in the lives of His people, His Church and those yet to be saved. I believe its harvest time for the Kingdom of God. Yet, we still have white walls separating God from what He wants to accomplish. There are many seemingly good things that aren’t from God. I hear Him saying “I want to tear down, break through the walls of whitewashed religion in the Church. God wants to clean up the hidden things of the heart, the darkness and filling it with His Fire and Glory as it was on Pentecost. God is going to break through sending fragments into the abyss, putting hidden sin in the depths to be remembered no more.

Pentecost is a multi-purposed occurrence, the infilling of the spirit of God individually and also the corporate Church. We need be receivers and givers of all the fruits of the spirit of God. Gal 5:22-23 To go out and make, give, that which was given to others. So, they too can be part of the family of Jesus Christ and His Church.

The celebration of the receiving of the Holy Spirit by the early Church is found in the book of Acts: 1-2. Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the in filling of the Holy Spirit. It was also the time that the Holy Spirit descended upon the heads of the 120 disciples as a burning flame of fire. With the evidence of each speaking in other tongues, which the people outside the building heard the disciples speaking in their own native language. The gift of tongues was a gift and a witness as the disciples were declaring the works of salvation to the people outside the gathering in the upper room. The people outside were unlearned in the ways of Jesus and unsaved.

Pentecost wasn’t just for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, which is great but it’s for equipping the Church for the ministry of evangelism, the saving of the lost souls. There were 3,000 souls saved that day as the disciples went outside to minister to the masses after Peter explained that the disciples weren’t drunk as some outside were saying.

Acts 2 1-41

It wasn’t long after Pentecost that the Church came under great persecution causing the Church to go out into the surrounding regions. This caused a greater growth in the Church as the disciples declared the works of Jesus wherever they went.  Pentecost is exactly 50 days after the feast of Passover, which was when the death Angel passed over the houses that had the blood of the lamb placed upon the doorpost of the houses in Egypt. It was this night that the Israel people exited the land of Egypt and the bondage of slavery. They  became a free people to serve the true living God.  Pentecost was the in filling of the Holy Spirit (Fire of God) for the equipping of the saints to bring the unsaved into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There were other purposes as well, the laying on of hands for deliverance from evil spirits, healing and restoration into the right relationship with God. God did many signs and wonders through the disciples, getting them out of prison, giving them insight in how to do things God’s way, where to go and many other exploits.

Break Through came to me from doing the painting “Fire” done 7/19 at Oasis International Church in Ely MN during the time of worship.


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