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Original Watercolor size: 28 ½” X 20 ½”
Painted by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copyright 2015

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To the observer, it looks as though it is a happy meal for the largemouth bass air born after the dragonfly.

However, this painting is about the lesser of the two subjects, our dragonfly, going about life in its normal everyday routine. Then suddenly, the unexpected happens which could change and even ending its life. A monster from the depths of the waters below comes at the dragonfly and yet it escapes.

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Many times, not even changing stride as we aren’t even aware of the evil that would harm or consume us.
On the other hand, the bass is totally expecting an easy meal to top off its hunger for the day. It looks like a sure thing for the largemouth bass and dome for the unexpecting dragonfly.

Many times we seem so small and insignificant, yet the Lord is always watching over us. He is our Heavenly Father keeping us from the adversary that would so easily consume us. As we are about our daily task there are those unseen instances that go on around us that could devastate our lives.

It is the love of the Lord that keeps us alive and safe. The unconditional love that we don’t comprehend or understand, as His ways are heavenly and we are still earthly. One day we’ll know how much the Lord has done for us.

All those close calls that have passed us by, yet we remain to see another day and possibly give glory to the Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for life.

Scripture References
Luke 21: 2-3
Luke 24: 13-34
Psalm 124: 7-8

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