Fire of God


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Original Watercolor size: 16” X 22”
Painted by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copyright 2019

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The painting Fire came about spontaneously at the Oasis Church in Ely MN. I wanted to see how it would work by doing a painting while the Church service was in process. Actually, it went rather well as the spirit was moving with highs and lower tempos throughout the whole service. The spirit energized me as can be seen in the painting. Yellows and reds dominate the painting which reflected the heat of the meeting. I felt as though God was building the Church body there as seen by the ratio of the bright reds and yellows which are seen over taking the powers of darkness, I introduced greens because green is the color of growth and prosperity. I used a swirling of color to intensify the visual experience. The painting was done in about an hour mostly during worship and I did do some color enhancements of accents to give the painting greater depth. I must say that it was the first painting I did during a Church service and that it is totally abstract, just a fun experience!

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