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Original Watercolor size: 16” X 22”
Painted by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copyright 2020

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The white of the paper and paint represent the presence of the Lord. He has formed all things and by Him all things exist. We the Church, believers in Christ are the ones being SENT out to bring restoration to His creation, humanity. Just off center to the lower left is a white area giving off rays of white, light over the closely clustered colored grouping moving over the colored streams and pools of opaque to transparent hues of the same color. This white is a shallow representation of the Glory of God’s power and heart to the saving of the way-word souls of humanity. There are many small white dots representing all the changed lives from the efforts of the saints, colors, spreading the Gospel.  The white is a poor representation of the Lord’s Glory. He is actually the culmination of all color, all creation and all in all! Even this explanation is an incorrect representation of our Lord.

I saw many different people, young and old, races and colors; seen by all the colors gathered around the Light, God’s Glory. I saw these numbers of people in groups, colors: green, blue, red, brown, black etc.  All were being gathered by the Spirit of the Lord being filled to overflow, to the point of too much and had to get others to help carry His Anointing out. There are streams going to other areas, some close and others going to different countries. The stars and dots are Churches and individual souls that were ministered to by spirit filled people. All these individual colors experienced tremendous increase in size as they went out. The increase didn’t come until each individual, group went out sharing what was given! Sharing their own revelations of what the Lord showed each, spreading the Gospel even further. I saw bright spots, like stars, within these areas of these color as new Churches, igniting and establishing more fires of the Gospel.

This is a simple painting using primary colors, it came to me as I was painting “Break Through” just before Pentecost 5/31/20. I saw the Church as many faceted cultures, represented by all the different primary colors gathered around the white area streaming out from the Spirit of God.  We are being gathered by the Lord into a united body. God’s fullness, His Glory, is being given to the Church filling it with excess to the point of needing to go out. The Church is going to have so much Glory that they are going to need help in releasing, giving, the excess, as it’s going to be great.

I want to thank all of you who have asked questions that have taken me even deeper into the fullness of the painting “Sent”.

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