Victory’s Rising


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Original Watercolor size: 48” X 30”
Painted by: Thomas S. Chapman
© Copyright 2022

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This painting, Victory’s Rising, is of seven eagles gathering in the heavenlies above earthly storms. It is symbolic of the restoration of America from the endeavors of those trying to destroy God’s chosen country.
The first eagle is carrying an olive branch, a symbol of peace and victory over devastating acts of aggression against Godly values. Gen. 8:1 a dove returning to the ark with an olive branch, a sign that the flood has receded from over the earth.
Another eagle is caring a palm branch symbolic of Israel, God’s chosen people, Israel, and America.
There are 3 eagles soaring representing, unity, and the Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. United with the three eagles is another eagle carrying a palm branch, symbolic of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life.
Lastly and the highest are two eagles carrying Old Glory, the stars and stripes, an American flag blowing freely in the heavens.
There are seven eagles, representing the completeness and wholeness of God’s work on earth, God saw that it was good and rested on the seventh day.

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