The rose atop a stem of thorns; what a contrast, delicate beyond description to sharp pointed thorns quick to cut to bring forth life itself. Petals of every color imaginable from dark blues to rich reds and yellow.

Jesus is the Rose of Sharon, the bright and morning star. Jesus is beauty set among thorns as we are or can be; the likeness of his glory when we accept him as our Lord and Savior. Moment by moment and day by day we begin to know the true life of Christ. We can then say that He is truly my God and my rock. In Him, I put my trust. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation; my high tower and my refuge; my savior who saved me from many violent times. Jesus is and can be all this as He is our gift from God. Through his sacrifice for our sins, He endured every form of abuse, even the cross, so we can be the same rose in our communities. You are beautiful to behold and a fragrance to enjoy.

This painting was the first I painted after 25 years of not picking up a brush to paint. This challenge brought to me from a 92-year-old former student. Who said that if I didn’t paint, our time together would come to an end. I believe that God used this to show me that His’ gifts are always there, whether we use them or not. It is far better to use your gift as it will bring you back to the favor of God.

Scripture reference:
Song of Solomon 2:1-3

Artist, Thomas S. Chapman
Watercolor Size 6″x9 3/4″
© Copywrite 7/07